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   TESOL COUNCIL -Global TESOL Cerification Council is an International Union of English Language Teachers,which is an established Teacher Training and Development institution based in the United States of America, officially registered in Nevada, USA.
  We provide a wide range of training and development courses for Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers and Trainers from Government Schools, Language Schools, Enrichment Centres, Early Childhood Centres, Tuition Centres and Business Schools.
  We also provide a wide variety of courses for Learners, ranging from young adults and working adults to business executives and managerial staff. These courses include General English Courses for International Students, Business English, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Enrichment Courses like Phonics, Phonetics, Grammar and Vocabulary. As a specialist institution in Teacher Training and Development, we provide Total Teaching Solutions and Effective Teaching Methodologies. Our unconventional philosophy distinctly sets us apart from our contemporaries. We have a commendable track record in the industry and enjoys an excellent working relationship with various universities, colleges, institutions, trainers, teachers and business partners.

To be the esteemed one-stop (education or training) provider that enhances the Individuals potential.

We aim to be acknowledged as the world leader in providing the highest quality in English Language Education for Teaches, Trainers and Learners, to help students gain well-recognised qualifications accepted by thousands of educational organisations and employers all over the world.
Core Values

  Conducive Learning Environment
  Competent Trainers
  Client-Focused Services
  Cost-Effective Courses
  Career-Oriented Curriculum
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