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Approved University Credits Scheme
Please note: You are responsible for ensuring that your chosen course is suitable for meeting your needs. Please contact us for further details.

To enter the program, students should normally hold a first degree or equivalent. Students without a first degree may be able to obtain mature status entry if they hold other professional qualifications.

The program comprises of foundation course of four modules which must be completed with a final overall grade of B or above. This is followed by the undertaking of the Graduate Diploma in TESOL.

A research phase is then undertaken under the guidance of a personal tutor. A dissertation of no less than 20,000 words is then submitted to the academic board

Approved University Credits Scheme
This programme allows 16 credits to holders of the Diploma in TESOL

Masters of Arts in TESOL Program
Totals Credit: 36 Credits

Foundation Modules
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

Credits 4
Credits 4
Credits 4
Credits 4
Total Credit – 16 credits

Graduate Diploma in TESOL

Credits 8

Research Dissertation
20.000 words

Credits 12
Total Credit – 36 credits

Each graduate receives a file consisting of their certificate, course profile/transcript and reports. For those who prefer to receive their award in person, a graduation ceremony is held annually in various countries.

A limited number of scholarships are available each year. Please apply for details

NB: should the programme not be completed within a four year period, students must be aware that a registration fee will apply.


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