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TKT is divided into separate modules. You can take them all, or just choose the ones that meet your needs. You have total flexibility in how and when you take the modules and receive a certificate for each one completed.
Core modules
 ,  Module 1 C Background to language teaching
 ,  Module 2 C Planning for language teaching
 ,  Module 3 C Classroom management
 ,  Practical C Assessment of teaching competence
Specialist modules
 ,  TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning C A test of the understanding of this exciting approach to teaching curriculum subjects through the medium of a second or third language.
 ,  TKT: Knowledge About Language C A test of knowledge and understanding of the systems of language from a teaching perspective.
 ,  TKT: Young Learners C A test of the background knowledge related to teaching young learners in the 6C12 age range.
Flexible assessment for language teachers
Teaching English is an enjoyable and rewarding profession that can create opportunities for a lifelong career that you can pursue in many countries.
Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) has been developed for people who:
 ,  are already teaching, but would like to take an internationally recognised qualification to gain formal recognition for their experience
 ,  want to enhance their career opportunities by broadening their teaching experience into specialist areas
 ,  want to keep their teaching skills up to date.
Preparing for TKT will help you grow in confidence as a teacher and give you the knowledge and skills that will help you develop your career. You can take TKT whatever your background and teaching experience. The qualification is designed to be accessible, with no formal English language requirements for candidates.
A flexible path to a teaching qualification
TKT is modular and flexible, allowing you to fit your studies around your work and other commitments C you can take the modules over a period of time that suits your needs.
As well as covering all the basics of good teaching practice, preparation for TKT can be adapted for local needs. TKT centres can set their own preparation syllabus to meet the requirements of the local teaching environment.
A step towards other qualifications
After taking TKT, teachers who want to develop their knowledge further can progress to other well-established Cambridge ESOL qualifications, such as CELTA and Delta modules.
A Cambridge qualification
Because it is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University of Cambridge, TKT is internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality.
How to register
You can register for TKT up to six weeks before the exam session, or as little as one week before a computer-based test.
Preparation courses leading to TKT are designed by individual centres, based on the exam specifications produced by Cambridge ESOL. TKT is offered around the world through the Cambridge ESOL network of authorisedcentres.
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