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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
120 hour course programLevel 4

The Certificate in TEFL120 is endorsed at level four.
It is a very practical course that allows you to gain the necessary skills and techniques to become an effective and successful teacher
The accompanying transcript states that a minimum of 120 hours of study was undertaken

Our 120 hour certificate in TEFL covers an extended syllabus. Many employers regard the standard for the profession as being a course which comprises a hundred or more hours of study time.

There is a focus on lesson planning and practical teaching skills which will equip those who are new to the profession and inspire those who already have some experience.

This course is ideal for those who wish to gain a professional qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign language.

There is also the opportunity to gain the Certificate in Teaching Practice at one of our three London campuses with the possibility of being offered a teaching post at the end of the course. (Subject to conditions being met.)

You are assigned a personal tutor as soon as you enroll, who will give you help and guidance through the course as well as mark your assignments and give you personal feedback.
On completion of your course,
you will receive two qualifications:

Qualification 1: Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language

Qualification 2: Level 4 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Award

What's Included
-All study materials
-Certificate and transcript
-Full Tutor and Admin support
-The course fee includes registration and certification fee

The ’Natural Way’
Terms and definitions
Countable and uncountable nouns
Verbs; Modal and auxiliary
Teaching and Learning Grammar
Presenting a structure
Grading language
Mistakes and correction
Recycling language
Practice and Production
Teaching vocabulary
Words and sentences
Using dictionaries
Choosing vocabulary
How to teach vocabulary
Teaching Productive skills; Speaking and Writing
Accuracy vs. Fluency
Communication activities
The stages of writing
Correction techniques
Teaching receptive skills; Listening and reading
Different types of listening skills
Teaching listening skills
The stages of reading
Reading activities and materials
Materials and aids
Using flashcards, pictures and regalia
How to organize the board
Using the overhead projector
The use of video
Authentic materials

Teaching Pronunciation
The phonetic chart
Stress, rhythm and intonation
Mother tongue interference
Practical activities
Lesson Planning
Teaching different types of classes
Pair and group work
The contents of a lesson
The stages of a lesson
Getting feedback
Teaching young learners and teenagers
Basic principles
Teaching on holiday course
Practical activities and lesson types
Using course books effectively
Exploiting a course book
Planning a course
Course book evaluation:

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Current Occupation
Teaching Experiences
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