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TESOL for Children certification program gives you a general guide to the theoretical approaches of TESOL. Methodologies of TESOL, TEFL, and ESL are explored, with focus on building the style of teaching that best suits your personality. TESOL for Children course focuses on teaching methods for age groups two through seventeen, and the different developmental stages of children. Instructors focus on a variety of TESOL methodologies, classroom disciplinary methods, and which combination of methods work best in TESOL classrooms.

Program Objectives - Examine the core knowledge of TESOL - Create ESL lesson plans - Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching - Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom

Goals Addressed - Correctly identifying methods and approaches to TESOL. - Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment. - Improvement of teacher confidence. - Introduction to teaching ESL online.

Competencies Participants will be able to: - Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends of TESOL. - Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs. - Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning. - Monitor and assess student progress.

TESOL certification issuance based on: - Successful completion of required assignments - Successful completion of required lectures - Successful completion of required quizzes - Successful completion of required thesis

Distance Learning - Allows you to create your own learning environment - Allows you to complete studies at your own pace - Allows you to fit curriculum into a busy lifestyle

How it Works Online - Utilization of learning software such as Moddle, Adobe Connect, &Php Live - Login to complete assignments and view you progress towards TESOL certification - Interact live with TESOL instructors via webcam & chat

Program Completion - Optional job placement teaching English abroad to children

Requirements - A computer and internet connection - English fluency - GED or High School Diploma

TESOL for Children Certification Program includes 3 e-books, and consists of assignments and readings from Teaching English to Children textbook. All materials are included in the tuition price.

Module One
Reading Assignment - Pages 1 - 3, TESOL for Children e-book
Which age group would you like to teach most and why?
Describe the characteristics of your 3 most influential teachers throughout childhood.
What do the acronyms TESOL, SLA, L1 and L2 stand for?
Guide to acronyms.
Acronyms Quiz
Module Two
Reading Assignment - Pages 4 - 6, TESOL for Children e-book
What is "telegraphic speech?"
Guide to telegraphic speech.
Telegraphic Speech Quiz
Module Three
Reading Assignment - Review Page 5, TESOL for Children e-book
Name five different types of gross motor skills not mentioned in the text. Do the same for fine motor skills.
Guide to gross motor skills.
Motor Skills Quiz
Module Four
Reading Assignment - Pages 7 - 10, TESOL for Children e-book
Which type of music and movies would you like to introduce to children of other cultures? Why?
Module Five
Reading Assignment - Pages 8 - 17, TESOL for Children e-book
Name and describe one exercise that can be utilized for learning English involving Math, Science and Social Studies separately.
Guide to exercises
Module Six
Reading Assignment - Pages 18 - 22, Review Pages 6 - 7 TESOL for Children e-book
Reading Assignment - Erikson's stages of psychosocial development
Name & define 5 learning stages, and ten vocabulary words that you think are appropriate for each of the five learning stages.
Guide to vocabulary
Stages of Language Development Quiz
Module Seven
Reading Assignment - Review Page 7, TESOL for Children e-book
What is "comprehensible input?" What is "comprehensible output?" How are they both the same? How are they different?
Guide to comprehensible input/output.
Comprehensible Input and Comprehensible Output Quiz
Module Eight
Reading Assignment - Review Pages 6 - 8, TESOL for Children e-book
Are the children of bilingual households at a disadvantage? Why or why not?
Guide to bilingual households.
Module Nine
Reading Assignment - Pages 9 - 31, TESOL for Children e-book
What intelligence type are you? Describe your intelligence type and tell how it can contribute to you being an effective teacher.
Intelligence Types Quiz
Module Ten
Describe a classroom activity for each of the intelligence types.
Guide to activities for intelligence types.
Module Eleven
Approaches to TESOL
Reading Assignment - Review Pages 13 - 23, TESOL for Children e-book
Describe five approaches to TESOL
TESOL Methods & Approaches Quiz
Module Twelve
Reading Assignment - Pages 24 - 39, TESOL for Children e-book
Create a lesson plan using a 45 minute template
Module Thirteen
Reading Assignment - Pages 24 - 32, ATICP e-book, & Lesson Planning Guide e-book
Video Assignment - How to Teach

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